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In addition to all the services listed above, we include: carpet cleaning; seat cleaning; console, dashboard and panel wipe-down; and the application of a coat of premium wax for finish protection.

Superior Cleaning

Platinum Cleaning

For your vehicle:

Detail Wash

- Windows

- Tires

- Wheels

- Vacuuming

- Headlight Restoration

This wash includes the following services: exterior hand wash and dry; wheel cleaning; tire dressing; window cleaning (inside and out); cleaning floor mats and door jams; vacuuming; and odor neutralizing.


- Detailing

- Hand Washing

- Waxing

All done right at your home!

Everyone has very hectic lives these days and often things are neglected and put off because there simply isn't enough time, However it is important to keep your vehicle in top condition in order to retain a decent resale value and to avoid costly repairs and reconditioning in the future.     

We know how it can be a hassle to drop off your vehicle or wait on a long car-wash line. We take the hassle out of getting your car wash and wax / detail. By coming to your home or office.

We can set up virtually anywhere, and at your convenience. All our products and equipment are chosen with safety and quality in mind.  Give us a call... you will be happy you did.

Small Cars                                                               $199.00

Medium Cars                                                           $229.00

SUVs                                                                         $265.00

Oversized Trucks                                                     $299.00

Interior or Exterior Only - Cars                               $135.00

Interior or Exterior Only - SUVs                               $155.00

Interior or Exterior Only - Oversized Trucks           $165.00

Plastic Window Polishing (Convertibles)                 $35.00

This exterior tender loving care includes, along with the above: elimination of tar, bug spots, bird droppings, paint marks and tree sap; and a wet dressing on tires, rubber and vinyl. The interior special attention includes: vent and dashboard vacuuming; cleaning and nourishing all leather and vinyl finishes such as the seats, dash, console, kick panels and door panels; and spot-cleaning the trunk.

Cars (Exterior Only)                              $25.00
Cars (Exterior & Interior)                     $35.00

SUVs (Exterior Only)                            $25.00

SUVs (Exterior & Interior)                   $35.00

Oversized Trucks                                $50.00

Darnestown, MD, USA

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Cars                                                   $130.00

SUVs                                                  $150.00

Oversized Trucks                             $170.00